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90 meditations in 90 days

Over thanksgiving weekend I went to a retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery in upstate NY.   Monday morning as I was walking my dogs I felt amazing! Full of joy and gratitude, and my feelings were tainted by sadness over the weekend so this was a surprise.

After my last visit to KTD monastery for evening meditation in August I swore I would mediate for 30 mins a day.  Snicker.

Now I’m just going to aim for 90 meditations (at least 5 minutes) in 90 days, a la the 12 step advice to make 90 meetings in 90 days when first getting clean. Now it is day 3 and going strong!  I will chronicle that journey here.


Comments on: "90 meditations in 90 days" (3)

  1. wonderful aspiration
    and to visit blue cliff!
    perhaps one day
    i’ll travel there 🙂

    • Thanks! Have you been to any of the other ones? I’m trying to make a road trip to Mississippi happen in 2014 with my new BFF that I met at Blue Cliff. 🙂

      • how wonderful to take a dharma road trip south. i’m quite fortunate to have spent over a year living at Deer Park and Plum Village. I’ve posted about some of those stays over the years. May you be well and happy 🙂

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