Be dynamite, Live dynamically!

Meditation days 1-3

Monday, 12/2, Day 1:  When I swim at school, the pool is generally underpopulated so I get to spend some time floating after my swim.  I place a buoy between my legs to make it more relaxing so I can truly surrender to the water.  Generally at some point my body feels merged.   Today I decided to count that as my meditation, focusing on my breath.  It only lasted 7 minutes though before I floated into the divider and thought it was enough since the water was cold.  :p.   It was interesting observing the changes in the water as the other swimmer came and went with her laps, and trying to observe not react to the jet of water on my back as I passed by a spout thingy.

Day 2: Tired from staying up late to do schoolwork.  While preparing fuzzkids breakfast I started playing an om mani padme hum recording and sat for the last 6 minutes of it.  Sat in silence for another 4 minutes or so beyond its end.  At one point the dogs got into a fight and it made me jump.  Lucas brought a bone over to me once or twice.   It was ok, but listening to a chant helped me concentrate with the sleepiness.

Day 3:  This morning after fuzzcare I put on a 15 minute instrumental so-called kundalini meditation after  lreading a few pages of Reconciliation.  Invited inner child to join me, and then invited feeling seeds to rise which were grossness, sadness, awkwardness, anger, etc.   The feelings dominated the left side of my body (which I consider to represent the past) and I held minime on my right.  My mind eventually started to wander of course, but  caught it before feelings got suppressed.  Figured beyond just observing them I should conjure some healing but at first didn’t know what to do, then invited a healing light.

At some point the feelings disappeared.  I’m not entirely sure whether it was related to healing or renewed suppressive skillz…but that side of my body did feel a little lighter.  Sat in silence for a few minutes after.  Was sitting on my couch and after a few sips of coffee passed out for a nap.  Had an interesting dream where I was cleaning dirty laundry out of a garage.  🙂  A LOT of the clutter in the garage was dirty laundry.

Amusingly, I’m writing this as I do laundry.  🙂


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