Be dynamite, Live dynamically!

Friday.  Back to work on the psych ward after being off for a week and a half.  Back to the “morning” routine (which starts after noon).

Over the summer, I would start my day with a sun salutation and sometimes meditation.  I got frustrated, though, with the puppy monster biting my nose or wanting to play.  Further, school started, studying after work got me home at 3 AM, and that morning serenity attempt went out the door as I reunited with my old lover, the snooze bar.

For #5, I was going to sit on the chair by my desk with a 10 minute timer set for a standard breath mindfulness sitting session.  Of course, when I’m at the desk, my puppy is at my feet looking for something to do.  So I took it to the couch, and he did as well.  I don’t want to put him back in the crate since he is crated while I sleep and am at work since he can’t be trusted to not chew things up (specifically pens, phone chargers, tampons, paper, socks, stuffed soft things like hats/gloves), or pee on things, like, my bed, even though I’ve had him for a year now.  Marking, and lack of Master-y on my part.  He obviously thinks I’m mama dog.

During the meditation I was being poked and prodded with various stuffed squeaky toys, tolerable – and my nose didn’t get bit!  I’m failing to remember anything significantly interesting about my meditation experience itself except in this context, incentive to write these the same day.  🙂  

Ideally I’d meditate after doing fuzzcare and  before coffee/shower, but that doesn’t seem practical.  Today after showering though I’m reminded that puppy monster is calmer when/after I shower, generally enjoying relaxing on the couch before he gets put back “home.” Perhaps that is a window of opportunity to sit, with calm animals.  Not sure if he’d stay calm once I was seated, though, or if he’d want to play.    I’ll experiment with that tomorrow.    In theory, I could delay coffee, but I brush my teeth in the shower.

Meditation is supposed to help keep it simple.  😛

C’est la vie, TBD.

Update:  One somatic memory I have of this particular session was a feeling of relief at one moment when I caught my mind wandering and brought it back to the breath.  It gave me a hint of what is to come.  ❤


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