Be dynamite, Live dynamically!

Today before work I made a smart move.

After fuzzcare, before coffee/shower, I gave the boys some bully sticks to work on and consequently got an undisturbed 15 minute sit session in.   I might have to avoid meditating on the couch in the future if I have to go to work, though, since right after finished I put my head off to the side and promptly fell asleep.   Thank God I woke up before I had to be at work, though I was late.

What stood out about this particular meditation was feeling a sense of relief as I settled into it.  My being was looking forward to it – perhaps sensing benefit already even though a week of meditation at home hasn’t shown profound results as a few days at the monastery did.  🙂    Also, I thought the timer was broken…15 minutes seemed to take an awfully long time today even though my brain wasn’t particularly noisy.

Of course, I am writing daily.  That’s an interesting “side effect.”

I would like to figure out where the meditation session fits perfectly into the daily routine, though.

I seem to crave routine now when it used to be something I hated unless there was great variety. For example, when I was in school and worked 3 completely different part-time jobs:  Tutoring, body piercing, exotic dancing.  🙂     I can’t say I was very well-balanced during that time, of course, and that is what I am seeking now.   Balance, peace, bounties of love and joy, serenity with planned chaos and adrenaline-laden activities.

Just keep practicing, right?

I will find the way.


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