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If I build it…

For the record, I’m really happy to be working on building up my blog finally.

I have a long-term goal of documenting much of my life’s journeys as a record – someone existed like this, whatever this is.   Maybe someone can learn something about themselves or another culture from my example.    Maybe not.

A friend of mine denies any of this matters.  Maybe it doesn’t in the long run.  Maybe the information I present here will be data in a file somewhere someday, out of sight, out of mind.   He says he creates art because he enjoys it, and I write because I enjoy it.  I like having the potential for an audience because I reckon I’m an exhibitionist.  😉 Hopefully this month off of school will see both a lot of writing and a lot of art on my part too.  🙂

At any rate, It is in progress.  The seed is growing.

Cest la vie, TBD.



Comments on: "If I build it…" (7)

  1. I am really glad to be reading your blog! Of course I am interested in your life because I care about you, but I am also finding the meditation stuff really interesting. Personally, I try to enter a meditative state with mindful breathing while walking – especially if I know I will be walking 10 min or more without interruptions such as stoplights or running into neighbors.

  2. digitalgranny said:

    Very cool and I am looking forward to reading you.

  3. digitalgranny said:

    Love the tatt.

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