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Mindfulness is all it’s cracked up to be

Frustration about the shell of a hardboiled egg not coming straight off

plus noticeable tension in the body as I prepare my work meal for tomorrow

Plus mindfulness. …


An opportunity to slow down,
let go of that tension,
and carefully remove each fragment of shell without causing further disruption of the underlying egg structure

It didn’t take that much longer.

Was there really need for rushing anyway?


Meditation day (?) – 011914

Even when my mind won’t stay still, it feels good to be consciously taking the 5-10 minutes a day (most days) to relax, be present, be still with just myself…..and to remember to try to enjoy the breath, even when it feels like an effort…

Meditation day 43 – 1/13/14

In the midst of a chaotic day at work, after having missed half my lunch hour already, I called mercy and took a break.

I set the timer for a 10 minute meditation (I now do a 30 second prep timer).  My body doesn’t usually melt into the same level of relaxation as it did in the honeymoon days, but I was grateful I had this practice to make some space to provide a mindful opportunity to relax, rather than just a break on my phone or with my eyes closed stressing or just eating.   It is a different space.

Even though I wasn’t fully comfortable or connected to the moment, I tried to stay focused on my breath.  In breath, out breath.  Try and enjoy the breath, I hear the sangha leader echo in my head.  It is a challenge to enjoy the breath when Im stuck feeling like breathing is a conscious effort some breaths.
Then there is catching the breath when the stream of thoughts try to carry the awareness away.

I had accidentally programmed a bell to go off at 5 minutes too, which actually deepened my sensation of sitting.  Towards the end though I had to latch onto repeating “om mani padme hum” in my mind.  Glad I have that flexibility because it made a difference.

I suspect meditating may have prevented me from fraying my last nerve(s) on the psych ward tonight, which has been rather acute lately.  



I haven’t fallen of the meditation wagon (though there were a few missed scattered days)… just the writing wagon.

Happy new year!