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There are several patient phones on our unit.  At times, patients call 911 because they feel it is their only hope of getting out of locked unit if they are admitted involuntarily.  That advocacy process actually involves a call to the mental hygiene lawyer, which we offer to make for them, and a trip to mental hygiene court to argue their case.  Once in a while, though, they are reaching out for the only empowerment lifeline they think they have in a situation where they have limited control.   I would love to hear the 911 operator responses!

Examples, which will be added to over time:

Paranoid patient calls 911 to complain that we won’t let him wear a pink and purple shirt.  Addendum:  For safety reasons a patient might not be permitted at a given time to have articles of their own clothing.  (5/2014 via FB)

Angry patient calls 911 because they were served fish for dinner   Addendum: We had already called the kitchen for a replacement tray.  (5/2016)


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