Be dynamite, Live dynamically!


All you ever wanted to know, and more.   Questions welcomed.  🙂

Last updated: 12/17/13

  • Cis Female.
  • Registered Nurse working in Psychiatry.  Med-Surg certified.
  • Saggitarius, Aries Rising, Pisces Moon.
  • Fire Dragon (1976)
  • Budding Buddhist who grew up being fed Catholic doctrines that I never subscribed to.  Didn’t find the divine until pagans put a spell on me. ;) Don’t get me wrong, Jesus was a cool dude.  I just find it impossible to believe that with billions of people on this earth there is only one path to God.  I think I want to add being an ordained interfaith minister in my bag of healing tricks someday.
  • Polyamorous, and not in a primary relationship for the past year, for the first time in my teen and adult life.   I may have actually gotten used to this finally.
  • Kinky.
  • Pansexual.   Bisexual for people who can’t wrap their brains around what pansexual means.
  • Fuzzmom.
  • Eccentric.
  • Multimedia Artist [markers, paint, collage, crafts, words, body]
  • Tattooed.
  • Short  (5’1″)
  • On a quest for balance, peace, health.
  • Called to be a leader, but reluctantly learning to lead myself right now.
  • Bicyclist, though I do also have my MC license.
  • Big mouth.
  • Genuine.
  • Human.
  • Too honest for my own good.  🙂
  • Student, currently working on my BSN.  Plan to do a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner but also want to do some holistic and creative arts studies.
  • I want to save the world, though I realize it starts with me and those I interact with on a regular basis.

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