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What do I do for exercise?

Starting in the Fall of 2012 I started biking and swimming more semi-regularly.   The scale was hovering around 198, and I felt it going up the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment.   I also remember a patient  commenting that I was huffing and puffing on a particularly busy day – and that was without stairs!

In 2013 I am going to do my first 5 borough bike tour, a goal I had a long time ago.  In 2014 I want to do a century.  I am going to need a new bike for that.  My every day bike is a 1970’s Schwinn Continental.   🙂

Between biking and swimming alone, and slight dietary changes, as of Feb 2013 I have lost around 15 pounds, slowly, without too much effort.  Just doing these activities 1-4 times a week, and sometimes not at all.  It still has made a difference!   Like Afib, my routine is regularly irregular.   🙂

Now if only I can find a natural form of exercise to work out my abs, besides sex since there ain’t none of that happening lately.  I would love to integrate more yoga, too, which would could help in the ab department.  I also am taking a swim course, so with better strokes I hear it might help my abs too.



The week after #sandy

Wow.   I am so lucky to have been relatively outside of the harm of the hurricane’s effects.  Central Brooklyn was relatively unscathed on the surface, though, I’m sure there are people who are going to have long term consequences from lost wages.   There, again, I am lucky to be a Nurse, a profession for which there is more demand during this time. 

My car is parked and I have a quarter tank since I made several trips to drive coworkers home earlier this week.  I am going to not drive for as long as possible to preserve that little bit just in case.  I have no real need to wait on a 5 hour line to get gas!  

Yesterday I biked to and from work, about 12 miles.  Previously I was only biking to the Bedford L train, parking my bike, and taking the train 1 stop.  The first time I rode the bridge last year I was cursing up a storm and felt so sick to my stomach from the effort.  This time, since I had been riding more frequently for a few months, even though not regularly, I was able to ride the bridge without walking.  I did take a break at the mid-landing though, but I was so proud to not have to walk!   I even shouted out to a bike-walker “Come on!  You can do it!”    I am back to work Mon/Tues, and I look forward to giving it another go.  Gotta do laundry so I have more warmth layers.  🙂    I also need to buy some silk long johns, and am hunting for good waterproof boots – kinda more for slushy winter wear than necessarily biking gear. 

So, I am grateful I have the health to bike, the Nursing license to have been helpful at the hospital, the fuzzkids for keeping me sane, the warm roof over my head.  I’m also grateful for facebook for keeping most of us in contact throughout these times.   

I pray for Long Island and Jersey, where other members of my family are located, to be returned to something resembling normalcy soon.   I pray for peace for those drastically effected by the destructive efforts of this storm.   I pray for myself to live a more purposeful life, and be more productive.  Life is short.