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Meditation Day 4 (12/5/13)

One of these days I’ll revisit zen sitting. 🙂

Today I combined meditation with an acupuncture appointment and Wayne Dyer’s Moses Code meditation. 

I revisited acupuncture a few weeks ago to help with some sciatic pain I’ve been having for a few months, help reduce stress, and to help with the overall healing/growth quest I’ve been on this past year +.  Fortunately,  gratefully,  1199 covers ~25 Visits/year.
The acupuncture is supplemented with pulsing electrical stimulation… which is … interesting.

So there was a lot going on. 

In the intro to the moses code meditation, Wayne encourages us to state “I am” phrases during.  What struck me this time was my thinking “I am joyful” and “I am complete” and cringing with disbelief about both.   I will need to reinforce these truths.  Honestly,  completeness might be easier to buy into than joyful because there is a force within me that counteracts joy.   Working on being more mindful of that.