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Dream Log

Whenver I nap I get the most vivid dreams.   Does that happen to other people?  I fell asleep on the couch last night with my boots on, before I could even hear back from my expected boot-y call rasta friend.  Woke up at 9:30 to micturate, and was cold so instead of staying up, I bundled under the blanket again and surprise! fell asleep…with the reward (!?) of a weird violent dream.

It started out that I was in a new (huge) hospital and was completely lost (geographically).  I had been given my assignment, had only seen one of my patients, and I’m not sure how I got lost but I was.  I was looking for, maybe, room 340?  but couldn’t find my block of rooms – found every other surrounding range of rooms!   I also think katie was following me through the hospital.  I know she was in the dream following me at times.   In waking time, I asked her if she remembered being in the dream with me but all she said was “I want cheese.  Give me my cheese!”

I ran into a patient who was already dressed and waiting to be discharged, and she started following me (Nurses, you think *that* part is the nightmare, just wait!) but neither of us could find her room.   I asked for directions from a security guard in a lobby like area and he gave me some directions which I tried to follow fruitlessly.  I even found room # 339 but not my block of rooms.

Next thing, I”m walking outdoors and come upon some teens hanging out watching their friend run (who is apparently a popular runner, and who I thought I might have known as a friend of a friend).   It seemed to be like a farmstand setup, and there was a lazy farmer chilling while allegedly selling his wares.   My patient was still with me, following me.  I really wanted to get back to my patients because I still had only seen like 2 of them!  The farmer couldn’t tell me where the hospital was, nor could the kids.  I tried to convince them that I knew their  running friend but nobody believed me, and the runner didn’t recognize me.   Eventually they got in their pickup truck with a boombox in back and left us behind.   The lazy farmer still couldn’t tell me where the hospital was.    My patient was growing impatient.

Somehow, with some unknown woman (I forget the details now) I end up in a grappling lock and we both have serrated dinner knives, one had the fishy hooks at the end.  Interestingly, in waking time later, that was the first knife I grabbed from the knife magnet bar – I can’t see what i’m grabbing since i have it mounted under a cabinet.   She sticks me first, in my RLQ abdomen, a long stick, pulls the knife upwards.   We exchange several more sticks in slow motion – I would stab her and draw my knife in circles or slits, she would stab me in other places.   There wasn’t as much blood as one would think, and eventually I sliced off her left arm at the shoulder, leaving it partially attached, and placed a towel to quiet the gushing brachial artery.  I remember cutting off a few of her fingertips, too, figuring between the shoulder and the fingers she wouldn’t be able to stab me more, but, she did.  All of this wasn’t in particularly slow motion, but it was in exaggerated slowed regular time.

Eventually either the farmer or my patient listens to me and calls 911.   Medical people arrive, and my adversary gets flown to the hospital and somehow I get left there and end up taking a cab – yet, a few of my loose body parts were carried to the hospital.   The cabbie take me to the wrong intersection, at 16th ave and 4th street instead of 1st ave and 16th street.

Throughout all of this drama, pain and bleeding are minimal despite the severity of multiple wounds (abdomen, ribs, chest, hands), and awareness of blood is more present than pain.   We finally make it to the hospital and I”m yelling at the surgical intake clerk for my surgeons, even the clerk is calm.  Eventually they come get me, and I was in the room while they were prepping for me.   Somehow someone else ends up on the table, and when they start prepping her inguinal area by shaving she freaked out and I was telling them – like, duh, she was just knifed!

…and then I woke up, to the screeching of my friend’s alarm clock on his desk.   For once, I was glad to hear that alarm.