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Failure to observe the OK Cupid match percentage

OK Cupid, February 23rd, 2014;  38 year old male from NJ

HIM: Good morning! Interested in chatting and getting to know each other?

ME: If you look at our questions you will see we have some key differences in values, but thanks for your interest.

HIM: How about not replying at all?  Ciao!

ME: How about reading about people first to see why there is a 45% match?

HIM: Wow, so you REALLY are serious about the 45%, eh? Lol Smh! Ciao!

ME: You are too conservative. Dont want a girl kissing you after she sucks you off, dont think prostitution should be legal, think 14 sex partners is too much, dont like crude humor, risky public sex, or deep philosophical conversations, think there is 1 true religion, think a couple in love shouldnt live together and must get married, dont believe in abortion, wont let pets sleep on your bed, arent an adventurous eater, dont have a morbid sense of humor.. The list goes on.   I dont just go by the number. I take time to look at the questions we answered because more often than not there are key differences.

He did not reply.  We are now a 37% match. 



Amusing adventures in online dating

I’ve primarily created this category for sharing online dating ridiculousness.

You probably won’t be surprised at the poorly thought out responses to my profiles I get.   *sigh*

For the record, here is my ok cupid profile.  I’m looking for a primary LTR of a polyamorous nature.  🙂