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Food Lessons part 2, Feeling better-ish, and gratitude.

I am noshing on raw sweet potato chunks dusted with cinnamon while letting green dye seep into my mohawk.  I never thought I would be eating raw sweet potato and it’s decent.  It is, indeed, a good substitute for raw carrot noshing, which I don’t do often because I get tired of carrots -I usually just put them in salads grudgingly.   The raw sweet potato has a similar nosh satiety factor without the flavor that I get annoyed by.   They are subtle, and I really like the cinnamon addition!

But, WTF Universe!  I bought them to bake and smother with butter, not juice or eat raw.  Rumor has it that sweet potato-orange-pineapple juice is decadent.  I will have to try it!   I still have a few more sweet potatoes, though, so some will be juiced, and one will be baked, for the perverse gluttony, yet health-ishness, of it.

The original plan of what I wanted to cook today was fried chicken cutlets parmigiana (egg, breadcrumbs, mozzarella, canola oil) and I have been focusing more on healthier options today.   I am hesistant to make them!  Perhaps I am  fearful of what my body will say!

I am being badass while preventing cancer and boosting my immune system!  Also, I had a burst of energy this evening, finally, and was dancing a little bit around the house.   🙂   Whew.  ❤