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Meditation day 12 – Friday 12/13/13

Working from 7 am – 11:15 PM and my head was foggy, my body exhausted.  I couldn’t find parking in the morning so parked in the garage, spent nearly the entirety of my first lunch break trying to find street parking.  I should have waited until after 4 when I could park in front of schools, it would have been the same price.  

Meditation met with a twilight zone of consciousness during my second break in the evening.   I’ve continued to use the exam room for my work meditations given the infrequent use of that room.   I sat the exam table near upright, put on the Moses Code Meditation, and just let myself be, trying to watch that breath and listen to the sound, which initially exacerbated my headache.  

It was relaxing, but I feel it would have been more useful had it been an actual nap or a traditionally seated still meditation, rather than seated on the table, despite the back support.   It did help alleviate my headache though, which sadly returned before the night was out.   I woke up with the headache the next day, too.  I slept on the couch when I got home so Lucaspuppymonster could be out of the crate.  The little bugger didn’t even cuddle with me all night!   He slept on a different chair.  

So much for mama’s boy!


Meditation Day 11 – Thursday 12/12/13

Since I’m writing this several days after the fact (on Sunday), I’m racking my brain to remember when the heck I meditated on Thursday!    I had no work; I finished (well, 95%) my nursing research paper from last semester (29 pages!); and I did a Trader Joe’s shopping spree – I hadn’t gone to TJ’s in 2 months!   

Ah, yes.   I couldn’t let myself *not* meditate -but nothing prolific to report here except the occurrence of meditation, and subsequent mental torture by my kitty.

Before laying down in bed, I set my meditation timer for 5 minutes, the bare minimum, and sat upright in bed for those 5 minutes trying to watch my breath.   I might as well have sat for longer because despite being tired and having to get up early the next morning, sleep was sabotaged.   My indoor window-loving kitty Falcor decided tonight, the night before I worked a double, was the night he was going to scratch at the window half the night.  Why?   He’d stop after I chased him away, but there were several occasions I was awoken by it again.   He normally doesn’t do this that I’ve seen.    He normally just meditates.  😉