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Meditation Day 11 – Thursday 12/12/13

Since I’m writing this several days after the fact (on Sunday), I’m racking my brain to remember when the heck I meditated on Thursday!    I had no work; I finished (well, 95%) my nursing research paper from last semester (29 pages!); and I did a Trader Joe’s shopping spree – I hadn’t gone to TJ’s in 2 months!   

Ah, yes.   I couldn’t let myself *not* meditate -but nothing prolific to report here except the occurrence of meditation, and subsequent mental torture by my kitty.

Before laying down in bed, I set my meditation timer for 5 minutes, the bare minimum, and sat upright in bed for those 5 minutes trying to watch my breath.   I might as well have sat for longer because despite being tired and having to get up early the next morning, sleep was sabotaged.   My indoor window-loving kitty Falcor decided tonight, the night before I worked a double, was the night he was going to scratch at the window half the night.  Why?   He’d stop after I chased him away, but there were several occasions I was awoken by it again.   He normally doesn’t do this that I’ve seen.    He normally just meditates.  😉